I needed to get this party started, so why not do it with a little pi loving.

I'm not a die-hard pi-thusiast. I'm just a nerd who thinks that I'm the one (who knocks?) who ended up with this irrational love for a sequence of digits. Maybe it is the fact that it is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. I don't love circles. I don't dislike them, but they're just not that special. However, I think of time as a circle, I haven't studied time but that is just what I think. History tends to repeat itself,  recurring themes and so on..... but this post is about pi.

So here's my pistory
  • I memorized the digits of pi from my calculator in high school. I think at the time this was 3.141592654 rounded.
  • During an electronics lecture at the University of the West Indies, the lecturer asked the class to state the digits of pi. Oooooh, my time to shiiiiiiiineeee! Some stopped after 2 digits, some after four and Sir Dale (I've been knighted) of course went valiantly through his 10 digits :3
    Not bad, Mr. Ross
  • Of course, this drew attention, and the lecturer asked me to repeat, I think. He then went on to recite about 30 or so digits.
    Are you kidding me, seriously?!
  • I made a deal with the lecturer to receive imaginary marks if I could get to 100 digits by the end of the course.
  • On my final exam I included the following (I could only remember 93 while doing the post but it might be due to code-induced-insomnia). I Google™d (3.5-1.5 on the Bing test) the other 8 digits, sue me! No, please don't!
  • That's 101 digits, because stopping at 100 would have required rounding and that's not cool, man. I got my imaginary marks but they only reported the real component, claiming it was too complex! The nerve!
    Awwww Yeahhhhhh!

  • Did you notice the pi in the Dajen Group logo? Of course you did!
So there you have it, my first post in the code room. 
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