I lost a few things when life to a turn for the weird. I won't use the term worse, as I learned that all the difficulties I've experienced in life have taught me a lesson. I had migrated from blogger and had set up a WordPress installation on Azure. Eventually, the cost became prohibitive and I could no longer access the site. A wise man would have done a back-up but, alas. So where are we now?

I took down one entry from here where I'd made a commitment in 2015 that I, unfortunately, didn't follow through on. Such is life. I made mistakes, but that does not mean I am done, especially at the tender age of 35. I will continue blogging from here since I already have some content here. I know there's medium.com or dev.to or even my GitHub pages website, dalevross.github.io

I am determined to return to the field I'm sure I still love, despite an overwhelming feeling of being an imposter taking over for the last few years. Those who truly know me will wonder how I could make such a claim. I was good at what I did, though far below what I know I'm capable of. Therefore, I've made a new commitment and began a fresh start.

This is Day 6 of my 100 days of code commitment and at present, I'm setting up PHP locally. I've tweeted my commitment and my progress so far.

There's also a pinned tweet that provides a high-level overview of what happened which can be found here.

So I'm getting up again. Wish me luck!
Even better, join me on Free Code Camp and learn to code. I'll help!