I’m in pain. It’s not the worst, and I was still able to work out at the UFC Gym in Springfield. My worst pain was in 2017 when I could barely move. Buttoning my shirt was almost impossible. Showering, Ai Caramba.

What saved me then was a Groupon deal.

Dr Vetere was amazing. Had I remained in the Bronx, I would possibly still be going there for a fix-up. When I mentioned I was a software engineer he suggested I write a generic website/app for chiropractors that could be potentially sold (never happened).

After the session at UFC Gym’s, I spoke with trainer Sydney about my goals but mentioned that I’m currently seeing a new chiropractor. I almost went for another Groupon deal (It’s MY money, let me be cheap), but a friend recommended his own chiropractor Family Chiropractic Wellness. This Friday is my 3rd appointment. The serendipity surrounding my arrival time for the first visit was cool. Those who know me understand.

Screenshot of GPS showing I'd arrive at 3:14 PM 01/17/2020

I love these pyrocrackters (That cracking ish they do is fire). My very first experience was with a chiropractor was Dr Dominick D’anna of Be Simply Well. He mentioned the connection between one’s physical state and their state of mind. I also explored a couple of other chiropractors before I left Orlando for the last time. I met them at an expo I attended. What I do like is that all these doctors are at the very least aware of the existence of a source greater than themselves.

As I type this there is a pinch that will probably get sorted out at the next appointment, but I’m committed to pushing my body to where I desire it to be.

So I protec, with chiropractic care

And I attac, with luvcityfitness and UFC Gym Springfield.

This post was inspired by the pinch in my back. Forgive the title, I’m weird like that.

A few are still in the drafts and I hope to start churning them out more often.

Today is the anniversary of the day I entered the United States of America, full time. A lot has changed but a lot remains the same.