Admittedly I missed it all this time

Life went along with my greatest crime

Searching outside for how to be true

Each day I now see it has always been you

If only I’d let you in on my outrageous goals

Truth is you’d remind me it’s all about souls

Ah, an extra A is evidently here, first as the last even with you my dear.

Affording things these days may be hard

Games have been played but you hold the top card

A lady once told me, she’d love me forever

Truth is she loved you, she now says not ever

How do I get back to the me you once knew?

Adjust my mindset and ask, “What would mom do?”

Row on my dear, this long river is yours

Out of bondage you brought me, with balanced oars

Somehow we still made it despite le resistance.

Shake a leg my dear, you have mastered this dance.

Alseita Ross, thank you for everything you given and not asking for a thing in return. I know of no other deserving gratitude for keeping me sane when all hell broke loose. I needed to look with your eyes and convert the pain to love.