Jaden, we really wish you were still here

Adding to the joy your mom and I always share

Days passed slowly while we awaited your arrival

Enduring the risks associated with your survival

Now we’ll only have lingering thoughts of you son.

Cherishing the idea of seeing your first run.

Hearing the first words being uttered by your lips.

Reading your first book, following your mom’s tips

Ideas swirl about who you’d turn out to be.

Shakepearian fanatic or a math “whiz” like me.

To be or not to be might have become your query.

I‘d just have wished your choice would leave you merry.

Adieu we are here to bid you on this day.

Never forgetting that God sent you our way

Rest assured you’ll always be in our hearts.

Oh son, it’s hard when one you love departs.

Smiles, I think, is what you’ll eventually leave.

Strands of hope you revived and now we believe.