Throughout my life I’ve felt a calling to leave a significant mark on this planet. The path I’ve taken has however tried to dampen my spirit, leaving me to believe I will remain ordinary when I’m meant to be extraordinary. I don’t know what the future holds, but in recent times my passion has been reignited in part due to my attempt to complete a quest by Regan Hillyer on Mindvalley
In the quest, we’re given soul work which are activities we’re supposed to do for a given day in the quest. This blog post is one of three activities I committed to do for today’s soul work. The aim is to publicly divulge on my personal blog, my app idea, Amnathrig. I had previously posted about it on F6S and more recently I did a Brain Story. Amnathrig is an acronym for All my needs according to His riches in glory.
For the main body of this post, I’ll use the content produced from what I dictated to the Brain Story application. I plan to make some progress on the application, which is one of the other soul work activities for today.

Amnathrig: The Personal Repository App

Amnathrig is a unique app designed to serve as a personal repository of items for users. The app offers the ability to add things from all across the web, and things from items on the street using something like QR codes. Upon scanning, the app takes the item from the backend and adds it to your repository.

Unique Features

The app gives users the ability to add detailed properties of each item. For instance, for a car, users can add properties like the color, model, make, year of production, and previous owners. The idea is to make the app intuitive and user-friendly. Users could dictate to enter the item’s properties or use AI to scan the object and determine what it is. Additionally, they could also measure the object using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. There would be built-in properties for certain types of objects, for instance, the make and model for a car, so the user would just have to enter the specific property type for that item.

Advanced Tool Integration

I’ve seen apps that do a good job of determining the size and shape of objects with a fair degree of accuracy. By the time I’m ready to build Amnathrig, I’m confident there’ll be better tools that I could use to integrate these features into the app. Even if it’s not easy, I’d have the skills necessary to get it integrated.

Another idea I had was to integrate QR codes. Users could scan QR codes of items out in the field, on the street, or in stores. The item would already be saved in the backend. So when you scan the code, it would probably just have an ID and map. You’d transfer the item from one user’s account into the wish list of another user’s account.

Security and Privacy

Considering the security of the users, we could use key pairs to encrypt the data for each user. Users could choose whether or not they want to secure, have that level of security, or just secure the transfer data using HTTPS.

For the UI in the app, users would have the ability to paste a public key and use tools to generate key pairs and use their private key to encrypt. This would be done by the app. However, for users not familiar with this process, we would make thorough videos with easy-to-follow steps. If it’s still too advanced, we would recommend they get a family member or friend to get that initial setup for them.

Communicating with Users

The videos don’t necessarily have to be in the app. The company could have a YouTube channel with these videos. If it’s in the app, it would be in a help or knowledge base section of the app. Users could click on videos or instructions or help, and it brings them to a section of the app that has those videos or a link to YouTube.

Unique Selling Proposition

Amnathrig stands out because it’s targeted to consumers. They could have all the things they own in the app, use it for insurance purposes, for protection against loss in case of a fire or something. One cool feature would be the SDK for the app. When people are on your personal website, they could mark up the items on their website to be Amnathrig compatible. Users would easily transfer from your website into Amnathrig’s backend.

Lost and Found Feature

Amnathrig could also help with lost and found cases. If you include serial numbers for items, it would be easy to track the lifetime of an item. If it’s lost and someone tries to add it, it would flag it. The app would send this information to the company, and we could partner with a company with locations that could facilitate the transfer of items. The company would manage the process of returning the item to the original owner, provided they are willing to do so.

Building a Community

The app aims to foster a sense of community and integrity among users. We will clearly communicate the benefits of the community looking out for their fellow users and emphasize the importance of integrity. The goal is to create a community of users who are willing to potentially lose a purchase because they’ve actually purchased a stolen item or a lost item. Of course, there’d have to be some means of the user recouping what they paid for the item. Maybe the item could be checked at time of purchase.