I tweeted this a few weeks ago, but I generally get low engagement on tweets without the use of certain hashtags, and or tagging someone like @shanselman

I initially had my blog hosted at https://dajencoderoom.blogspot.com and that eventually became https://coderoom.dajengroup.com which was hosted on Azure as a Wordpress blog

I eventually lost my Azure (and Digital Ocean) hosting when my earnings dried up. So all my posts after the migration, of whatever value they provided, were lost.

I’d also stopped writing and coding since mid 2017, when I was in the middle of an episode that shook my foundation. I wasn’t sure I would code again or be able to provide value.

Fast forward to November, 2019 when I got a code test for a job. I decided to give it a shot but was turned down with the following

Thank you for spending time participating in our code test! We sincerely appreciate your time.

We are impressed with many candidates and each present unique abilities, skills and interest. Ultimately, after a review of your qualifications and code test response, we have chosen to continue in the process with other candidates whose skills and experience align closer to our needs.

We appreciate your interest in [redacted] and wish you every success in your job search!

But something happened. I hadn’t written code in months, and sparsely in years. I actually enjoyed it even though I felt rusty. So I tweeted

The stories of a few persons spoke to me. One person in particular stood out though. Taelur Alexis' story reminded me of the transformative power of a skill I already had. Starting the next day I joined the #100DaysOfCode movement, using freeCodeCamp as the driver.

I then posted my first blog post in over two years on my old blogger site titled Getting up again. I wasn’t too exited though. I didn’t like the theme anymore and the wysiwyg stuff could get annoying with respect to formatting at times. After downloading my old blog posts with the Wayback Machine Downloader, I decided a static site would be more than enough to do what I needed without worrying about costs being prohibitive.

I was already using Github pages, so after tinkering around for a weekend. Here we are!

I’ll work on styling soon, on the website and the blog and I’ll probably have to write a script to migrate all the blog posts.

PS. The Dajen Eats brand is my wife’s. She’s an amazing vegan chef in Orlando, Florida. We were initially under one umbrella, Dajen Group, but have been separated since 2016. She remains an amazing woman but we’ve agreed, while separated, we’ll avoid confusion in the branding.