A few days ago I decided to redo my resume. I decided to head over to hacker news to see if I could find a cool hacker way to get it done. As my wife “The Irie Happy Vegan” would say, I needed to find a bulldozer to kill this fly. I saw a post that I had come across before about jsonresume.  I decided to take it for a spin and thought it was pretty neat.

Well, here is the JSON repo: https://github.com/dalevross/jsonresume
Elegant theme: http://registry.jsonresume.org/dalevross
Other themes Paper, Kendall, Flat, Modern, Classy, Class, Short, Slick, Kwan

I decided to play around with Camtasia a little bit and figured this was a great thing to talk about and a good time to talk about it.

So, here is my quick and fairly clean review of jsonresume.

Edit 2020

The service now uses a gist called resume.json at the same a github account with the same username that s provided at the registry URL. In my case this username is dalevross.

I tend to share the StackOverflow Theme fairly regularly and moreso when the default theme is misbehaving. It didn’t exist at the time of the original post.


Here is the JSON gist that currently supports what is seen on the front end.